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Private Events

The Cosmic Romantics will tailor their performance to make your special event extra magical and leave your guests talking. Elizabeth and Eric specialize in receptions, weddings, and private parties of any occasion.

Strolling Magic

Perfect for large receptions/events. Elizabeth and Eric will walk from group to group or table to table, performing top notch sleight-of-hand right in front of your guests' eyes. This up close magical experience will level-up your special event, making it unique and memorable. They can stroll together, presenting mind-reading miracles, or work separately, covering more groups and showing off their own unique styles.

Parlour/Stage Show

The ideal theatrical experience for groups small or large. Elizabeth and Eric will perform their Magic Castle act, mixing in singing, juggling, and comedic banter to create a highly entertaining 20-80 minute variety show unlike any other. This show plays to all ages, and invites participation throughout, making for a fast-paced, fooling, and hilarious experience for everyone to enjoy. 

Combination Package

A popular, more flexible option to allow for a longer, varied, or highly tailored magical experience for your event. Elizabeth and Eric will combine a strolling set with a stage show. This provides a well-rounded magic experience, combining close up sleight-of-hand with larger scale routines.

Séance Show

Looking for something different? Something spooky? The Cosmic Romantics perform their Séance Show regularly at upscale hotels and venues around Los Angeles, and now they can bring it to you! Elizabeth and Eric will lead a dramatic (but lighthearted) 30-60 minute séance to contact a disgruntled spirit that is haunting the venue*. The performance includes their powerful "second sight" mentalism routine as well as a Victorian-era style "Spirit Cabinet," with plenty of comedic moments mixed in with shocking magic along the way.

*Elizabeth and Eric assume no responsibility or liability for the actions of spirits that cross over to our mortal coil, damages caused by ectoplasm, nor irreversible rifts in space/time.

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